Portfolio & Products:

Bathroom - At Bleakleys we have a product to suit every taste, wether it be rich warm
tones or cool contemporary colours. you are guaranteed to find a choice that suits.

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Mosiacs - From clear to recycled glass, gold fleck to metal, stone to porcelain,
we have a range of mosiacs that cannot be beaten. Suitable for any room,
a look that never goes out of fashion.

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Natural Stone - The timeless beauty of natural stone. From slate to travertine, limestone
to basalt and marble. In countless textures, sizes and tones bring the outside in.

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Porcelain - Brand new technology allows porcelain to be used in every situation including
walls and floors where stone sometimes cannot. Create your own style by mixing polished
and matt textures with mosiac and our fantatstic range of reproduction Victorian floor tiles
for any situation inside and out.

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Kitchen - High tech modern glass or beautiful individual hand made glazes we have it all.
also over twenty of our glass tiles can be supplied in affordable single piece kitchen

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